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Today the only certainty is a rapidly changing economy and marketplace. The stable, tariff-regulated, protective conditions of the post war period are changing to a tariff-free, open, and rapidly changing educational, technological, service and financial driven economy and marketplace. That creates immense development potential. It also creates increased competition and challenges for individuals, business, and government to adapt.

To assist in this process, we offer to merge our expertise and experience with yours across all disciplines from the market and strategic analysis, to reorganization matters, IT/MIS, financing, human resources, manufacturing, and technology.

We are flexible and can, in confidence, offer you the approach best suited to your organization and market position. We can assist you to identify the information demand, methods, and system requirements. We can identify the strategic long and short-term issues facing your organization and formulate and assist in implementing solutions and changes necessary to secure and develop your organization under control and profitability.

P&A’s unbiased Initial Analysis Approach will identify short-term issues that must be solved across the disciplines and organization in order to secure your position awaiting long-term solutions to be implemented.

Whatever issues you are facing, do not hesitate to contact us for a confidential and no-obligation discussion.


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