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Private, Corporate, Government, or Not for- Profit...working with you to solve the issues you face.
Case Service & Projects:
For Example: marketing, export, product development, organizational issues, Information Technology and Systems, feasibility studies, recruiting or downsizing, manufacturing, temp management, etc.
Strategic Business Development:
From economic and market issues to business planning and implementation across the organization.
Strategic Economic & market Audit and Analysis:
Because--in today's rapidly changing economy and marketplace, financial statements no longer say much about a company's future.
Strategic Economic Development:
Analysis, advice, or implementation.
Investment and Financial Analysis:
Corporate and private investment analysis, fair market value appraisals.
Board Advice, Temporary Management and Staffing
Based on more than 25 years experience in dozens of industries worldwide from proprietorships to multi-divisional corporations, we offer board advice and temporary management and staffing.


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